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  • despeciation — 1. Alteration of, or loss of species characteristics. 2. Removal of species specific antigenic properties from a foreign protein. * * * de·spe·ci·a·tion (de spe″she aґshən) deviation from or loss of species characteristics …   Medical dictionary

  • despeciation — de·spe·ci·a·tion …   English syllables

  • despeciate — de·spe·ci·ate ( )dē spē s(h)ē .āt vt, at·ed; at·ing to remove the characteristic antigenicity of (a foreign protein) by chemical or other treatment de·spe·ci·a·tion (.)dē .spē s(h)ē ā shən n * * * de·spe·ci·ate (de speґshe āt) to undergo… …   Medical dictionary

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